Concept design

Whilst concept design may begin with the creative ideas of a single individual, it is an increasingly collaborative process that involves a team of designers and advisers coming together, discussing options, opportunities and constraints, and then separating to carry out more detailed assessment.

Input from other members of the team will be required on cost, safety, buildability, programme, health and safety and so on, as well as consultation with third parties such as the local planning authority. Specialist input may be needed as the concept develops and and so the design team may grow.

During the concept design stage, the consultant team will develop:

  • The design concept
  • Outline specifications
  • Schedules of accommodation
  • A planning strategy
  • The cost plan
  • Procurement options
  • Programme and phasing strategy
  • Buildability and construction logistics
  • Constraints and opportunities

At the end of the stage, the consultant team will prepare a concept design report for the client which records the basic design concepts for the preferred option. The concept design report will also identify any instructions required from the client.

An application for planning permission might be made during the concept design stage. This is likely to be an outline planning application if made at the beginning of the stage or a detailed planning application if made once the concept design is complete.