Feasibility Study

Typical investigations will include:

  • structural surveys of existing buildings (if they are expected to be retained and used)
  • site topography
  • looking for evidence of underground chambers, voids, tunnels, pipes, watercourses etc
  • checking with statutory utilities whether any of their infrastructure passes under or over the site
  • checking with statutory utilities about the capacity of the services supplying the site
  • a ground investigations report looking at the ground’s
  • bearing capacity,
  • mineral composition
  • chemical composition
  • presence of flora & fauna (esp protected species / invasive species)
  • a review of planning policy requirements and their potential impact on site capacity
  • a review of the surrounding neighbourhood (the site context)

Gathering this information means the project team can come to a much more accurate understanding of the site capacity on the likely acceptable amount and scale of new building that could be constructed, and the estimates of cost and time required will be much more accurate than without this research.